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Hey everyone! Big news for the Destroyer. There's a new interview… - The Destroyer Book Series
July 12th, 2006
03:06 am


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Hey everyone! Big news for the Destroyer. There's a new interview with Warren Murphy and Jim Mullaney.

Warren Murphy:  In a real sense... what Jim and I are embarked upon is The New Destroyer. (Which we hope very much will be like the real old Destroyer.)

You can read the full interview   here

The contract with Gold Eagle is up this year.  The last book published by them will be #145: Dragon Bones.  The new publisher will be Tor Books, part of the St. Martin's publishing group.  The first new Destroyer will be out in April, 2007. 

Warren Murphy announced last month that he is going to be writing the books again and that he is co-authoring them with Jim Mullaney, who will give up the ghosting and will have a byline.

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Date:July 18th, 2006 12:48 pm (UTC)

great news

That is sure good to read. The books have been really bad for a while but I am sure with Warren Murphy back at the helm the stories will return to greatness. It is also fantastic that Jim Mullaney is returning as an author. He wrote some of my favorite Destroyer adventures while he was ghosting the series a few years ago.
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